Airborne Experience in Arnhem

The Airborne Experience in Arnhem traces, step by step, the Battle of Arnhem. In 1944 intense fighting took place in the Dutch town of Arnhem, as Allied Forces tried, and failed to cross the Nederrijn. The Airborne Experience takes visitors on an immersive experience through this historical event, using image, sound, lighting and video to approximate the war time conditions of this crucial battle. A truly immersive encounter, the exhibition places visitors in the role of a British parachutist, first flying in a glider, glimpsing the Netherlands below from the windows, before landing in a recreation of the embattled ruins of Arnhem.

When recreating historical events to feel authentic and seamless, carefully considered detail is crucial.


This project required significant innovation and presented many technological challenges. Rapenburg Technologies worked with Tinker, an experience design company based in Utrecht, to create a seamless experience. Tinker were responsible for the experience and video design, while RT was responsible for lighting design, show control, AV installation and hardware.